High School, College, Careers – Oh my!: Six Years of (Mostly) Blissful Marriage

Back when pool parties and video games were my top priority, when my parents still paid the bills and we were more concerned about whose basement we were hanging out in that night than mortgages and RRSPs, I met a boy. We grew up in homes where we could almost see one another’s front doors from, but back then, he was just ‘that guy from school’.

Shaun and I, somewhere around 2001.

A short two years later we stumbled across one another again, but this time it was different. We flirted in a way only young kids know how and my crush on him grew until he finally asked me out in the summer of 2000. I have to give Shaun credit though, after waiting almost a year to ask me out, he proved just how serious he was by driving from Carlyle to Kenosee to pick me up for our first date. And no, it wasn’t the 24 km drive that impressed me, it was the guy who was willing to pick up his crush from her family reunion to go on their first date. I was 14 years old on the day of that first date and my family still teases me about it.


Us at Red Rock Canyon, the afternoon before Shaun proposed.

By 2011 Shaun and I had been dating for over a decade. Our inside jokes, which are really just us repeating lines from movies to make one another laugh still warmed my heart and reminded me daily how much I adored this man. It was the constant trail of clothes littering the hallway though that I could have done without. Still, we had numerous talks about marriage. We both knew we were ready and wanted to take that step. As we packed our bags for a vacation in Las Vegas, I even knew he had purchased a ring. He, however, had convinced me how easily it could have gotten lost in the maze that is every airport baggage claim, or worse, lost somewhere in transit. That was not a scavenger hunt we wanted to endure and it seemed like a rational train of thought, so I believed him. Wednesday, April 6, 2011 we hiked in one of my favorite Vegas area spots, Red Rock Canyon. We came back to the strip later that day and just as the fountains at the Bellagio began to dance and my favorite Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman song started to play, Shaun asked me to marry him. It was like a Disney moment, but for adults, and in Vegas…

Exchanging rings on our wedding day. © Paper Moon Photography

On September 22nd 2012 our wedding day had finally arrived. For years I had been watching the leaves turn and had dreamed of getting married to Shaun under those beautiful Fall colors. I had not, however, dreamed of getting married in bare feet. But, when your shoes get locked in a vehicle mere minutes before walking down the aisle, you just roll with it. Lack of shoes was not going to stop me from marrying the man I had been waiting over 12 years to say ‘I do!’ to.


Leaving as Mr. & Mrs. © Paper Moon Photography


Cullen at 2 months old. © Sarah Johnson Creative

Our relationship survived and thrived through the hallways of high school, late nights of cramming in college, work terms separating us by long Saskatchewan highways, new jobs, new homes, and 6lbs and 12oz of squishy goodness we named Cullen. And as another wedding anniversary has arrived we’re excited to add a second bundle of joy that will soon make Cullen a big brother. Surprise! We’re expecting baby No. 2 in February 2019, right around Shaun’s birthday. According to Cullen, baby’s name is “Charlie,” and while that’s unlikely to stick, we’ve promised him it’s a strong contender.

“Charlie” © Deanna Brown Art

15 years into the game. © Durr Photography

Happy anniversary Shaun – I’m so happy you’re the one I chose.  I’m excited to grow our family, and most importantly grow it together with you.


I have to give huge props to Ali from Ali Lauren Creative Services for helping me with this blog post.  There was so much I wanted to say, and every time I went to pour my thoughts out, nothing came out right.  She helped me to express myself in a way I wanted to, but didn’t know how.




Huge thank you to my friends Jennifer & Billy at Durr Photography, Nicole at NZ Photography, Tatum at Paper Moon Photography, Deanna at Deanna Brown Art, and Ali at Ali Lauren Creative Services.


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