Regina Cathedral Village Wedding: Tracy & Rob

Kiwanis Park, Regina, SK.

Tracy lovingly caresses Rob’s face as she jokes with him during formal photos at Kiwanis Park in Regina, SK.


Tracy & Rob’s Regina Cathedral Village wedding was a beautiful intimate, family oriented affair.

When the couple contacted me to photograph their wedding, we instantly connected over our mutual love of our cats and the Toronto Blue Jays, which then followed of emails featuring photos of cats sleeping on desks and laptops.  They described their visions of their ideal wedding for me.  Their desire for something, intimate and family oriented is always something I can get behind.


The ceremony took place at the Cathedral Village staple: The Artesian. The bride walked in with her father in an emotional entrance.

The Artesian

Bride and Dad

Tracy and her father exchange an emotional glance at each other before entering the ceremony.












Bride, Groom, Father of the Bride

Rob embraces Tracy’s father as he walks her to her groom.  After the emotional and touching ceremony, the bride and groom, along with their Maid of Honour and Best Woman, roamed the Cathedral area and took advantage of all the great murals and back alleys the area had to offer.

Groom and Cathedral Village Mural, Regina, SK.

Rob stands in front of one of his favourite local murals in the Cathedral neighborhood.

Tracy, the bride, stands in front of her favourite mural in the Cathedral neighborhood.









Bride and Maid of Honour Veil Fail

Veil Fail! Sometimes the outtakes are too funny not to share. When the wind picked up Tracy’s veil and plopped it right into her Maid of Honour’s face, we all couldn’t help but have a good laugh!

We finished formal photos with some time at the local favourite: Kiwanis Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Also affectionately known as the “Waterfall Park”, as it has a beautiful stone waterfall.

Bride in front of waterfall in Regina, Saskatchewan

Tracy sits for her bridal portrait in front of the Kiwanis Park waterfall.

Cathedral Village Mural with Bride and Groom

The couple embrace for one of the first times as husband and wife in the Cathedral Village district of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Toronto Blue Jays Bride and Groom

The bride & groom sport their favourite ball team’s, the Toronto Blue Jays, hats.



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